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Health Seminars:


21-Day Purification Program

Come to our free informational meeting and learn how you can increase energy and vitality through a purification program that jumpstarts you into a healthier life. Two chances to attend:

Septemeber 29th at 6:15pm and

October 1st at 12:30pm



Essentials of Natural Healing

Learn how natural healing can help you lose weight, feel energized, gain mental clarity, improve moods and increase your health at all ages!

 MetroEast Wellness Center
 395 White Bear Ave. N.
 Saint Paul, MN 55106
Upcoming dates:
Wednesday, September 24th @6:15pm
Monday, October 6th @6:15pm
   **Bring a friend at no additional cost!
   RSVP 651-771-1703


21 Day Purification Program:
Are you troubled by any of these symptoms?? Weight Gain? Fatigue? Headaches? Joint/Muscles Pain? Anxiety/Stress? Sleep Disturbances? High Cholesterol? High Blood Pressure?
Take the journey to better health! Contact us to see how to begin...


Change Your Health ~ Change Your Life!!

Since 1986, Dr. Martin Furlong and MetroEast Wellness Center have been working with patients to provide the best chiropractic and nutrition care in the East Metro area.

Our purpose at MetroEast Wellness Center is to naturally restore and maintain unimaginable health levels for all people in the Midwest community.

A chiropractic evaluation is vital to determine misalignments in the spine that can cause dis-ease or dysfunction in the body since symptoms are not always a true indication.

Due to poor diets which include processed foods, chemical additives, added antibiotics and hormones, and lack real living food, Americans are nutritionally deprived. This has caused an extreme rise in obesity, illness and disease which has resulted in daily pain, dysfunction, and even early death.

Entry LogoOur Nutrition Response Testing™ gives the doctor the ability to identify those concerns in the body in order to design a personalized nutrition program that can free your body of toxins and help restore your nutritional health. This increases your body's ability to heal itself quicker and to obtain a more optimal level of health.

Dr. Martin Furlong and the MetroEast Wellness staff is dedicated to giving our patients the most extensive care and attention in helping them achieve their health goals.